Parker announces new miniature solenoid actuated poppet valve for medical applications

The precision fluidics division of Parker Hannifin has released a new miniature solenoid actuated poppet valve for the pharmaceutical industry.

The Series MX – Model 7 is a miniature solenoid valve that provides portable medical device manufacturers a high performing, energy efficient pneumatic on/off control valve in a compact 10mm size.

'With the growing pressure to improve patient recovery rates and to reduce healthcare costs, medical device manufacturers are working to improve the portability and capability of their products. They want suppliers to provide them with smaller, lighter weight components that provide a high level of performance in order to help them meet the growing demand for reliable portable therapy,' says Richard Whipple, marketing communications manager at precision fluidics division.

Medical equipment manufacturers want to increase the battery life and reduce the size and weight of their devices while improving overall functionality and performance. The Series MX – Model 7 miniature solenoid valve was designed to help satisfy those needs.

Unlike competitive on/off solenoid valves of this size, the 10mm Series MX – Model 7 miniature solenoid provides a high level of flow with minimal pressure drop. This combination of high flow and low pressure drop in a small, compact size allows medical equipment manufacturers to reduce pressure source requirements which can lead to reduced battery size and increased capacity thereby improving device portability.

The universal design of the valve supports manifold or barbed-tube mounting and is available in both two-way and three-way configurations.

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