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Packo Pumps launches new energy saving stainless steel centrifugal pump

Packo Pumps has launched its new pump type MCP3/250-315, an extension to the existing scale of MCP3 pumps which are compliant with MEI guideline EU No. 547/2012, leading to lower energy bills. Other typical features are low noise levels, minimised built-in dimensions and easy maintenance.

The new pump type MCP3/250-315 is a robust design in cast stainless steel and delivers a flow up to 1250m³/h at a head of approximately 18m.

The pump is used in the beverage industry for wine and fruit juice filtration. In breweries the pump is ideal for mash and wort transfer, but also for beer filtration. Other applications where the MCP3/250-315 scores points are the water industry and dairy world, where the pump is put into service for the filtration of process water, whey, etc.

At this stage the pump can be supplied up to 90kW with six and eight pole motors. Shortly the pump will be launched with a motor power up to 250kW.