Oxford Flow to distribute flow control technology in Middle East

UK-based flow control equipment manufacturer Oxford Flow has signed a distributor agreement with GCG Engineering Service to supply pressure reducing valves and gas pressure regulators to oil, gas and water industries in the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC).

Oxford Flow’s patented valve technology features only one moving part, making the valve up to 80% lighter and reducing the need for maintenance. The multi-phase oil and gas flow control valve is internally actuated, which reduces the risk of leaks.

Speaking about the agreement, Nasir Sharif, general manager at GCG Engineering, said: “This gives GCG Engineering the opportunity to provide state-of-the-art technology to the GCC market – technology that makes a difference to the operations of our customers.

“The fields of application are numerous as the technology is applicable to almost any mass-flow rate of pressure from very low to extremely high, for example, from breathing apparatus to deepwater oil exploration, and is scalable to any size. It certainly places us at the forefront of solution providers in the country.”

The valve can be retrofitted into existing pipes without the need for plant modifications, and can be produced in a standard pipe length.

“We’re proud to partner with GCG Engineering as we make our mark in the Middle East,” added Neil Poxon, CEO of Oxford Flow. “The GCC states are a hive of activity at the moment, particularly in the oil and gas sector. We already have a number of field trials for our oil and gas valve ongoing with major NOCs, as the ease of installation makes it a front runner in terms of safety and efficiency.”

GCG Engineering is a turnkey solutions and contract service provider based in the UAE.

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