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Ovarro completes acquisition of ControlPoint

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Ovarro has completed the acquisition of ControlPoint, a UK-based business serving the utility sector with digital quality assurance and data management solutions.
ControlPoint, established in 2010, is a key supplier of QA services to UK utilities and their technology is now used on gas and water pipelines around the world. The system involves unique software and real time inspection of pipeline jointing at the point of installation, giving asset owners and contractors the ability to prevent poor joints being installed on the network.
“Ovarro is delighted to welcome ControlPoint to the team and are firmly committed to continued investment in ControlPoint’ s people, technology and software solutions, so that together we may grow and develop our combined range of complimentary products and services for all our customers in the utility sector around the world,” said David Frost, CEO of Ovarro, a subsidiary of Laurel Solutions and market leading provider of Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs), acoustic leakage data loggers, secure SCADA systems and intelligent analytics software.
Ben Crabtree, managing director of ControlPoint, added: “The combination of Ovarro and ControlPoint provides us with the opportunity to continue to support our established end markets and customers in the UK, whilst leveraging the financial and human capital of Ovarro to expand our market position around the world.”
“Ovarro’s acquisition of ControlPoint continues to demonstrate the investment strategy to further develop as an industry leading player in leakage for the utility sectors” added Martin Carter, CEO Laurel Solutions.