‘Our resolve remains strong’ Xylem comes out in support of Paris Climate Agreement

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Following the recent announcement from President Donald Trump that the US would withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, water technology company Xylem has issued a statement reiterating its support for the agreement.

“Addressing the realities of climate change is an opportunity to create shared value among all stakeholders, and Xylem remains committed to doing our part as a citizen of the global community to advance this vital work,” said Patrick Decker, president and CEO of Xylem.  “The connection between the impacts of climate and our finite water resources is undeniable, and the imperatives of fostering water security and building more resilient water infrastructure are foundational to sustainable economic growth and public health.” 

“These challenges are too complex for any one entity to solve. We firmly believe that there is a role for governments at all levels, private industry, academia and individual innovators to play in creating the practical solutions and innovative technologies that will be needed to help communities across the globe both mitigate the impacts of climate change and adapt to its resulting effects, such as prolonged drought and increased flooding.  Whether or not the US chooses to participate in the Paris Agreement, at Xylem, our resolve remains strong.  We will continue to reduce our own environmental footprint and work with our customers, partners, suppliers, community leaders and policy-makers to develop solutions to both global and local water challenges in order to create sustained value for all.”

Xylem is a global water technology company specialising in designing and implementing solutions to solve the world’s water needs, working with a range of Fluid Handling Technology such as pumps, mixers and systems. The company has published its own climate change policy, as well as a white paper title Powering the Water Renaissance, which concluded that nearly half of the electricity-related emissions in wastewater management globally can be abated at a negative or neutral cost with the use of proven, readily available technologies.