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OTEK still innovating after 46 years

OTEK Corporation was founded on the idea that innovation is the backbone of tomorrow. That idea has been a bastion to the company’s 46-year history, from introducing the industry’s first loop powered digital panel meter (DPM) in 1976, to serving prominent industries around the world well into the 21st century.
Founded in 1974 by Dr Otto P. Fest, under the original name of International Microtronics Corporation, OTEK Corporation designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of electronic instrumentation for digital process control and measurement using the latest LED technology.
OTEK’s vast product offering includes digital panel meters, timers, controllers, batch counters, process loggers and bargraph indicators. The company’s world-wide customer base includes nuclear and fossil power plants, water and waste water utilities, military contractors, aerospace, maritime, oil and gas, chemical, pulp and paper and the automotive industries.
The overall personality of the company is a true reflection of entrepreneurship, free enterprise and the goals of a Mexican-German native to excel in his profession and contribute to the advancement of technology.
Dr Fest, recalls what lead him to develop the industry’s first powerless meter.
He said:“The key to invention has always been observe, analyse and document. In 1974 a customer asked me to design a DPM with an LED display, AC power and the ability to measure a 4-20 mA current loop.
"Sometime later I stopped in Memphis to see another customer. We were having lunch by the Mississippi when I noticed an empty barge going up river puffing smoke. Next a fully loaded barge was going down river without smoking!  I immediately analysed my observation and wrote it down. I wrote the word “Powerless.”
The credit for the company’s success, however, is directly attributable to the quality input received from users.
Otek is a customer-driven company that strives to incorporate user feedback into its R&D and deliver a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. Due to the highly competitive markets it serves, the company has had to find its own niche and dedicate itself to exploring and servicing all possible customer needs.
The resulting architecture of the various product lines is designed to enable the company to produce literally hundreds of thousands of combinations of its products. The company works very closely with its clients to determine the course of action that best meets their instrumentation and control needs and to supply an end product that exceeds requirements.
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