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Oseco Safety Cartridge to cut unwanted emissions

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Fugitive emissions have become a worldwide concern, motivating governments to place tight restrictions on plants.

The industrial emissions Directive (IED) 2010/75/EU is the legislative framework that regulates emissions of industrial installations across the UK and the EU.

In the US, there have been several emission guidelines developed at local, state and federal levels, including the Clean Air Act from the Environment Protection Agency.

Emissions standards vary across the APAC region, but follow the same principal goals as the IED and EPA. One example is Australia’s National Clean Air Agreement.
The need to apply the Best Available Techniques (BATs) for reducing emissions is a priority.

A BATs aim is to achieve integrated prevention and control of pollution arising from process activities.

This will lead to a higher level of protection of the environment as a whole. Operators should take all appropriate preventative measures against pollution, in particular through the application of BATS, enabling them to improve their environmental performance.

The global emissions directives, guidelines and standards are changing the way plants operate.

The Oseco Safety Cartridge™ offers a cost-effective solution for reducing emissions and improving air quality in line with government directives.
Using the latest innovative technology and emission control techniques for bursting discs, the single-piece Oseco Safety Cartridge™ reduces unwanted emissions by ensuring a tight seal to x10-8 helium.

The Oseco Safety Cartridge™ is built for ease of installation and maintenance, offering opportunities for cost savings and easier inventory management that a traditional disc-and-holder combination does not.