Optimising three challenging flow and level applications in refineries

In today’s refinery environment of constantly changing crude oil availability and pricing, producers’ task of maintaining or increasing capacity while reducing costs becomes ever more complex. As operators navigate the road to greater efficiency and profitability, they depend on receiving consistently accurate process measurement data in all applications.

In this paper, Emerson will look at how refineries use advanced differential pressure (DP) measurement technologies to help ensure accuracy even in their extremely challenging operating conditions. With reliable measurement information in the following applications, refineries can successfully comply with environmental regulations, meet safety standards and control their process.


Refineries face the unrelenting pressures of balancing multiple crude sources, changing product demands and worker shortages. At the same time, the harsh conditions of the refining environment itself, including high temperatures and difficult feedstocks, compound the challenges operators face as they strive to maintain or increase capacity while reducing costs. Applying...

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