Operating under pressure

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In the realm of industrial storage and transportation of volatile liquids, maintaining pressure equilibrium within tanks is critically important.
The role of pressure and vacuum relief vents (PVRVs) or valves in this context is indispensable, serving as crucial safety mechanisms.
Here, Anand Palanivelu, head of international sales at Protectoseal, outlines the role and latest developments in pressure and vacuum relief vents and how they can help with the safe transportation of liquids.
The primary role of pressure and vacuum relief vents is to facilitate the release of pressure and vacuum inside storage tanks during various operational phases, such as filling, emptying, and fluctuations in atmospheric temperature. By releasing pressure or vacuum, the vents play a crucial role in averting catastrophic incidents like tank explosions or collapses. Essentially, they allow tanks to "breathe" normally, preventing potentially disastrous outcomes.
PVRVs are particularly indispensable for handling flammable and hazardous liquids, whose vapours, if released into the atmosphere, can pose severe environmental and safety risks.
From petroleum-based fuels...

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