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OMV’s geothermal experts welcome first results

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OMV has conducted a production and injection test to analyse the geothermal potential in the Vienna Basin, Lower Austria.
The test took place in the basement of the Vienna Basin, in the Hauptdolomit.
A workover prepared the OMV well Aderklaa 96 for testing at a depth of about 2,900 m. Formation water was produced, temporarily stored above ground in sealed containers, and then fed back into the formation.
The aim of the geothermal test was to determine important reservoir parameters and to obtain samples of the formation water in order to decide whether this formation is suitable for producing geothermal energy for direct heat use.
The actual testing has just been completed and the testing facility is being dismantled again. The OMV experts are satisfied with the initial results - water could be produced with temperatures of 102C at a rate of up to 40 m3/h and has been reinjected successfully.
In the coming months, the next step is to analyse various parameters of the data obtained to check the technical feasibility and subsequently the economic viability.
“OMV aims to become a net-zero emissions company by no later than 2050. That is why geothermal energy plays an important role in OMV’s low carbon business. Our strength in the geothermal sector is our extensive expertise above and below ground. We are using our know-how to drive the energy transition,” said Angelika Zartl-Klik, OMV senior vice president low carbon business.