NOV Mono pumps used for effluent application in New Zealand

A single progressing cavity pump form NOV Mono has been used to replace a number of centrifugal pumps and improve pumping performance on an agricultural effluent duty in New Zealand. The Mono pump is now transferring animal effluent over considerable distances at Castle Glen Farms in Foxton, on New Zealand's North Island.

The farms had previously been using a number of different centrifugal pumps to deliver pig, cow and sheep effluent through a 4" diameter pipe, over a distance of 3.7km so that it could be used for irrigation. 'Replacing these with a single Mono pump has allowed us to supply several irrigators which are located over the length of the pipework, and still deliver the same pressure and flow rate at every nozzle, while also reducing our energy costs,' comments Castle Glen's Rob Mather. 'We were also able to use our existing power supply and not have to upgrade the transformer to cope with a different power requirement.'

The pump chosen was a Mono Epsilon E1AD, operating at 12bar and 120 RPM, delivering 35m3 of effluent each hour. Mono's Epsilon pumps offer proven solutions for this type of application, and are designed to create cost savings by allowing the use of small-bore pipework when pumping over long distances or with high head requirements. They can be used for different types of duty including domestic, industrial and agricultural effluents, industrial chemicals and detergents, mine dewatering, crude oil and starch slurries.

Their smooth progressing cavity action also makes them ideal for handling shear-sensitive substances such as emulsions.

The pumps also feature Mono's Flexishaft drive shaft connection, which eliminates wearing components between the drive end and the pumping element. As no lubrication is required, the likelihood of product contamination is eliminated. A low running speed capability also reduces wear rates and extends both the pumps' maintenance intervals and overall working life. Available in cast iron or stainless steel, the Epsilon pumps also offer a choice of rotor and stator materials.

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