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NOV Mono provides a variety of pumps to UK wastewater plant

US company NOV Mono has provided ten progressing cavity pumps to a £300 million (€375 million) wastewater facility in the UK.

The Southern Water plant in Peacehaven, Sussex features a number of different Mono pumps, including EZstrip cake pumps, LF injection pumps and Widethroat pumps.

The plant uses 11km of newly constructed tunnels to bring sewage flows into two new pumping stations and transfer the treated sewage to a new outfall which has been constructed in nearby Friar's Bay.

Mono worked with two of the sewage processing equipment providers involved in the project, the Andritz Group and Saxlund International, to offer the most efficient pumping solutions.

'For Andritz, who supplied the plant's centrifuge equipment, we provided a variety of pumps which are now being used for different duties,' says Mono account manager Mike Burton. 'These include transferring imported sludge cake, dosing dewatered sludge cake and barrier layer injection where lubricant is added to the pipework to ensure that the sewage moves smoothly through the system. Each of these is a key application in its own right, so reliable operation is absolutely crucial.'

Mono provided a similar package of pumps for Saxlund International who supplied the drying and digester process equipment for the plant.

'These are now being used for cake blending, drier feed, cake transfer and polymer dosing applications,' says Burton. 'The specific pumping requirements at the plant vary quite significantly from duty to duty, ranging from sludge transfer through to lubrication and dosing.'

Many of the Mono pumps provided for Peacehaven feature the company's EZstrip technology. The EZstrip range of products is designed as a practical and effective way of reducing maintenance costs and improving uptime. The EZstrip design allows the cake pump to be dismantled simply by removing a few screws, and without disconnecting or removing any pipework. This gives immediate access to the rotating parts so that blockages can be removed quickly and easily and can reduce the time taken to remove a full drive train, including rotor, stator and screw conveyor from a full day down to eight minutes.

The completed Peacehaven waste water treatment works is covered by an 18,000m² grass roof - the largest green roof of its kind in the UK - and handles the 95 million litres of wastewater that is generated each day by towns of Peacehaven, Brighton and Hove, Telscombe, Saltdean, Woodingdean and Rottingdean.