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Nordson EFD unveils controller to programme spray and spinner systems

Nordson EFD has introduced a new controller for its radial spray valve and radial spinner system.

The 7160RA ValveMate provides a way to programme Nordson EFD's 782RA internal Radial Spray Valve and 7860C-RS Radial Spinner System. The controller's microprocessor circuitry provides exact time control of the dispense cycle with an improved user interface.

While the valves used for dispensing are very important, it is the controller that actually drives the consistency and reliability of the dispensing process.

The ValveMate 7160RA controller is a fast, convenient way to make on-the-fly adjustments for Radial Spray or Radial Spinner system applications. Spray or dispense valve open time can be adjusted in increments as small as 0.001 seconds. For Radial Spray installations only, an air pressure regulator provides low volume, low pressure (LVLP) air to the nozzle, providing a high transfer efficiency without overspray. The result is a spray pattern definition without time-consuming programming or mechanical adjustments that could shut down the production line.

Nordson EFD's 782RA Radial Spray valve is a precision spray valve that produces a narrow radial output ideal for coating the interiors of cylinders using a rotating air cap. LVLP technology enables uniform coatings of lubricants, primers, and other low- to medium-viscosity fluids. When paired with the ValveMate 7160RA's built-in air pressure regulator, specially atomised nozzle air ensures high transfer efficiency without overspray. Instant fluid cutoff at the end of the spray cycle ensures that coatings are applied evenly throughout a process.

Similarly, Radial Spinner Systems apply consistent bands of low- to medium-viscosity fluids, such as lubricants, solvents, and silicone oils. During operation, the system dispenses a controlled amount of fluid onto a spinning disk. As the fluid leaves the edge of the disk, it is evenly distributed onto the production part.