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Nordson EFD introduces new quickly replaceable needle valve

Nordson EFD, a precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, has introduced the xQR41 Series MicroDot needle valve.

The valve features a 60% smaller form factor than standard valves, an exchangeable modular design for greater customisation and process control, and a Quick Release (QR) clasp that allows easy removal of the fluid body to replace wetted parts.

The xQR41 valve's profile of 66 mm length x 23.7 mm diameter (2.60" x 0.93") enables multiple valves to be mounted close. The needle valve, weighing 141.4 g (5.0 oz), can dispense in tight spaces and at complex angles.

The low weight is supposed to increase the speed of actuator arm movement, improve positioning stability, reduce tabletop automation (TTA) motor and belt wear, and decrease fluid waste.

The pneumatically-operated, adjustable valve is said to apply micro-deposits as small as 150 µm (0.15 mm) (0.006") of low- to high-viscosity fluids onto a substrate.

The xQR41 can be configured with stroke adjustable or non-adjustable cap, BackPack valve actuator, low-profile mounting block, and 90° air and fluid inlet fittings. The fluid body can be aligned and locked at 360° intervals to accommodate mounting, positioning, and fluid inlet alignment needs.