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No Power? No problem with new battery powered flowmeter

Singer Valve has launched a new battery operated electromagnetic flowmeter. According to the company, it has been designed for measuring flow rates in remote locations where power is not readily available.

The Battery Operated Single Point Insertion Electromagnetic Flowmeter (SPI-MV) is intended to provide accurate measuring of flow rates in isolated valve chambers.

“It’s not uncommon for valve chambers that are further out in the field to not have power, so this battery option will be great for those applications and it’s also really easy to setup for instant accurate flow measurement right out the box,” said Mark Grimson, director of marketing at Singer Valve.

The SPI-MV can run for three to five years independently of an external power source. What’s more, a small solar panel can be attached to the device, extending its lifetime to 10-15 years. Another option is to pair it with an external AC or DC power source, so the battery acts as a backup for power outages.

Dual totaliser pulse output and internal data logging options can be used for SCADA integration and flow analysis respectively. Variable sampling frequencies mean the unit can be adjusted to various installation needs while maintaining the 2% actual reading accuracy found on standard models.

The new flowmeters can be installed with any pilot system and are available for valve sizes from 3 to 36 inches (7.6cm to 91.44cm). Built with no moving parts and a single-piece design, the sensor contains nothing to wear or break and the company claims it is generally immune to clogging by sand, grit or debris.