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New Wilo-Stratos Giga pump delivers energy savings of 70%

Wilo-Stratos has released the high-efficiency energy saving glanded Giga pump for water processing applications.

According to Wilo, the pump is delivers energy savings of up to 70% when compared to conventional pumps without speed control and 31% when compared to conventional electronically controlled pumps.

This translates into a saving of up to eight tonnes of CO2 annually.

The new pump features a motor with efficiency that exceeds IE4, the most stringent class defined today.

By using EC motor technology, the pump avoid power losses due to the rotor almost completely and the speed of the EC motor can be adjusted accordingly to hydraulic components.

The speed range extends from 500 to 5,130 rpm, and has delivery heads of up to 51m and a volume flow of up to 120m3/h.

The motor also allows for compact size, making the Giga a third of the size of some conventional asynchronous motor with the same rated power.

The hydraulics for the Wilo-Stratos Giga also help the pump deliver high pumping efficiency.

Both the housing and the impellers are shaped into a geometric form designed to maximise flow.

Increasing the pumping speed reduces the size and weight of the hydraulics, and the Giga features a smaller the impeller diameter and pump housing.

As a result, Wilo reports the pump weight has been lowered by as much as 55% and the size reduced by up to 39% compared to conventional pumps.

The system is designed to pump a wide variety of media over a temperature range of -20 to 140°C.

The Giga features only a single control element and an illuminated screen for displaying data.