New water pipeline to ease shortages in UK region

A new 35-mile water pipeline might get built in Lincolnshire in the UK to protect the county from shortages.
Anglian Water Services wants to build the majority of the pipeline from Elsham to Waddington and then a three-mile "spur" to Bracebridge Heath.
It also wants to build a new pumping station west of Nettleham and a covered reservoir, pumping station and water treatment works at Elsham.
The east of England is one of the driest regions in the country, with only two-thirds of the average rainfall and a delicate environmental balance.
Council documents add that the area is also predicted to be one of the fastest-growing with a population boost of an extra one million people expected by 2045.
A spokesman for Anglian said: “Together, these challenges make our region particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including drought and flood.
“Our region is officially classed as ‘water stressed’, meaning we must make careful use of this most precious resource to balance supply and demand. The new pipelines will play a key role in meeting long-term water demands.”
The water company added the plans would move existing surplus water in the northern area of the region to areas with shortfalls, including parts of Lincoln and areas further to the south.

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