New water pipeline in south of the UK on the cards

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PORTSMOUTH Water is asking for people’s views on a new pipeline it needs to build as part of the Havant Thicket Reservoir scheme.
The pipeline will transport water from Bedhampton Springs to the reservoir north of Havant as well as take water out for supply to customers when needed.
A public consultation on the company’s proposed updated plan is running until March 22.
In October 2021, Portsmouth Water received outline planning permission for the scheme. Alongside contractor Ward & Burke Construction, the water company been investigating ways to improve the pipeline route, to further reduce its impact on local communities and the environment.
Bob Taylor, Portsmouth Water’s chief executive, said: "The Havant Thicket Reservoir project is environmentally led – it will help protect Hampshire’s iconic chalk streams, while securing future water supplies for our region.
“A key part of the scheme is a new pipeline, so we can fill the reservoir from the Havant and Bedhampton springs once it’s completed, and take water out to supply customers during extended periods of dry weather or drought.
“We’ve considered alternative and well-proven construction techniques, which would allow the new pipeline to be delivered more efficiently and with much less disruption for local residents. As a result, we’ve identified a new pipeline route and design that makes use of modern tunnelling techniques, which will need a new planning approval.
“We want to hear from as many people as possible about our new pipeline plan, so that we can use the comments we receive to finalise the new planning application we will be submitting in the next few months.”

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