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New water mains plan for Isle of Man

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A £3.4 million (€4 million) project to install a new water main supplying thousands of homes in the south of the Isle of Man is set to begin.
Work on the six-mile pipe between St Marks and Grenaby will start on 19 April and take about five months to complete, Manx Utilities (MU) said.
MU chairman Rob Callister said it would bring a reliable supply of water to an area disrupted by frequent bursts.
The authority has warned some roads may need to close during the project.
More than 4,200 properties in Grenaby, Ronague, Ballabeg, Colby and Ballsalla are set to benefit from the new pipeline, which an MU spokesman said was "one of the longest water main installations to be installed in over 20 years".
Mr Callister said it was "important to continue to replace the ageing critical infrastructure".
It will connect to local service pipes, transferring water from the Braaid and Chibbanagh Service Reservoirs.