New valves installed down to a T-T

The planned refurbishment of an effluent treatment plant on the Atlantic coast was required whilst maintaining full operation.
However, difficulties were realised at the planning stage, as three critical isolating valves had non-standard face to face dimensions and required to be resistance to the salt laden air.
The first consideration was to replace the adjacent pipe work to allow the fitting of standard sized valves, but this was soon ruled out as this would result in major civil work and operational interruption, which could not be tolerated on a sensitive site.
Consulting T-T Flow, a division of T-T Pumps, for assistance, T-T’s engineers reviewed the problem before coming up with a rapid engineered solution.
This included introducing manganese bronze stems and further salt resistance materials. The new valves were supplied on time within the tight schedule and to an upgraded specification to tolerate the extreme conditions and well within budget expectation allowing the site to continue to run without interruption.

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