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New valves for pipes from UK company

UK-based industrial pipework suppliers Pipestock have announced a new selection of medium density polyethylene (MDPE) valves.

MDPE is a material used within industrial pipe systems and Pipestock carrys a large range of MDPE pipe and fittings. The new valves can be used within an MDPE pipe compression system for the regulation and directing of flow.

MDPE is a variation of polyethylene defined by a density range of 0.926-0.940g/cm3 making it a thermoplastic which is tough and flexible. MDPE advantages over traditional steel pipework like its lightweight, flexible and tough characteristics.

MDPE is the material from which Pipestock’s new range of valves is manufactured, including: Ball Valve, Ball Valve F Thread, Ball Valve M Thread, Double Check Valve, Stopcock, Stop Tap PE X Copper, Butterfly Valve, Ice Valve Thread, Angle seat Valve M Thread and Single Check Valve Thread.

With these valves you can regulate, isolate or promote non-return flow and they are all available with discounts.