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New valves available from Burkert Fluid

Burkert Fluid Control Systems now offers microfluidic valves with proprietary twin power technology in three sizes—10, 16 and 22mm.

The company says the twin power technology combines a rocker principle with an actuator. This dual-solenoid design allows the use of a smaller valve with lower power consumption and improved reliability, without sacrificing performance.

‘The valves have the flow and pressure resistance typically found in larger valves, making them suited for applications where space is critical or higher performance is needed,’ said a company statement. ‘The 10mm valve is available with an orifice size up to 1.6mm and pressure resistance up to 5bar. The 16 and 22mm valves are available with 3mm orifice, with pressure resistance up to 2bar for the 16mm valve and up to 5bar for the 22mm valve.’