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New valve system comes out of Nordson

Nordson EFD had announced its Pico xMod valve, a fully exchangeable and modular concept in non-contact and contact needle dispensing of assembly fluids.

This valve system technology uses hi-tech, durable piezoelectric actuation technology for continuous operation at speeds of up to 500 cycles/second. It can also produce deposits as small as two nanolitres, at high production speeds, with deposit accuracy and process control as standard.

The non-contact jet valve makes it possible to apply fluid in hard-to-access areas or onto uneven or delicate substrates for applications in electronics, automotive, life sciences, solar and other industrial dispensing applications.

‘Our new system offers tool-free release and installation of the valve seat assembly,’ explains Claude Bergeron, Nordson EFD product line manager. ‘If a part fails then only the worn part needs changing which eliminates the expense of a whole new valve assembly. The ability to swap one xMOD component for another lets the manufacturer toggle between different applications and fluids, offers flexibility, reduces production down time and saves money.’