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New valve from IMI Precision Engineering delivers stable low-flow control

Enabling stable flow control in the millilitre range, a new proportional 16mm Fasprop valve from IMI Precision Engineering has been launched to increase gas chromatography (GC) repeatability and to improve the detection limit of the instruments.

Fasprop, part of the IMI FAS product range, offers the most compact proportional valve design on the market, as well as the industry’s smallest orifice measuring just 0.05mm, IMI reports.

Able to precisely control low flow rates in the millilitre range up to 12 bar, Fasprop regulates flow and pressure supply to detectors, which improves stability and sensitivity.

In packed and capillary GC columns, the valve also prevents the peak retention time shift caused by poor flow control.

Utilising well-established, patented flat plunger/spring technology commonly used in 16mm valves for medical devices in gas dosing applications, these reliable valves offer proven performance over a 100 million cycle lifespan.

Available in cartridge or flange mounting configurations, Fasprop fits into a small footprint and is easy to integrate and install.

For GC users, a combination of a very low diffusion leak rate of permanent gases with ultra-clean hardware components guarantees a stable low baseline for optimum minimum detectable quantity.

Fabrizio Maspero of IMI Precision Engineering explained: “In developing Fasprop, we have drawn on our expertise engineering miniature fluid control systems for demanding applications.

“Using the same flat spring / flat plunger technology and extremely precise components and assembling processes, we have been able to create a new reliable low flow proportional valve. This valve enables our customers to control the entire range of very low flows they use and provides great stability in closed-loop controlled systems,” he said.