New undersea water pipeline in Malaysia comes onstream

A new undersea pipeline to transfer water from Butterworth to Penang in Malaysia is now operational.
Penang Water Supply Corporation (PBA) said this latest and third twin-submarine pipeline will supply 315 million litres a day (MLD) from the Sungai Dua water treatment plant on the mainland, which draws raw water from Sungai Muda.
The pipeline runs 3.2km from the mainland and then another 7km to a reservoir.
The amount of water pumped out of this pipeline can fill 126 Olympic-sized swimming pools daily and would benefit over 500,000 people living in the southern part of the island, PBA said.
PBA chief executive officer Jaseni Maidinsa said the new pipeline will effectively increase the present water supply from 393 MLD to 708 MLD.
The pipeline was built over four packages at a cost of $114.3 million (€23 million). Work began in 2016 and was completed last year.
The work included excavation of undersea trenches, land reclamation and shore protection works, besides the laying of land pipelines.
The first submarine pipeline in the state was commissioned in 1973, with a capacity of 143 MLD, while the second was in 1995, with a capacity of 250 MLD.

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