New ultrasonic sensors enable continuous level measurement

Sensor specialist ifm electronic has launched a new range of M30 ultrasonic position sensors, which have been designed for applications where continuous level measurement and object detection of bulk materials or liquids applications are required.

The ifm M30 range includes sensors such as the UIT501, which is one of six options for continuous level measurement and object detection able to cover a sensing range of up to 8m. A key feature is the ability to adjust the width of sound beam via IO-Link, which can help users to prepare for Industry 4.0 – or the Industrial Internet of Things.

The sensors will be useful in applications where space is limited and where unwanted reflections on the inside of the tank result in faulty measurements. Using the IO-Link, the sound beam can be set individually, depending on the application.

Other features include a vibrating sound transducer, which reduces the risk of dirt deposit, a robust stainless steel housing, and a sensing range of up to 8m.

The UIT501 is controlled via a pushbutton or IO-Link, with M12 connection. Accessories include a stainless steel angle bracket, USB IO-Link master for parameter settings and unit analysis, as well as supported communication protocols.

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