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New Turkey pipeline to deliver 540bcm of natural gas

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Turkey is laying its first gas pipeline in the Black Sea where a total of 540 billion cubic meters of natural gas has been discovered.
Plans to bring the natural gas from the Black Sea to the consumption of citizens and households has increased.
The Filyos Natural Gas Processing Facility, where the gas will be processed on land, is being constructed while preparations on the wells are continuing at sea, Azer News reported.
Some 4,200 personnel and 16 ships, of which three are engaged in drilling, are working in the area to support the whole process.
The first pipes of the 170-km gas pipeline, which will carry the Black Sea gas along the seabed, started being laid on June 10.
Following the completion of the infrastructure and superstructure works, the pipes will be installed on the seabed, beginning at a depth of 50 meters in the shallow water section.
The pipeline installation is projected to take approximately five months.
Six to 10 wells will be connected to the production system to be established under the sea at the Sakarya Gas Field, and 10 million cubic meters of gas will be produced daily from these wells and delivered to Turkiye's natural gas network grid in 2023.
While this amount corresponds to 3.5-4 billion cubic meters on an annual basis, production will gradually increase.
The highest production level in the Black Sea is predicted in 2027-2028, with 40 million cubic meters of natural gas per day and around 15 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually.