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New Tsurumi pump range released for corrosive environments

Australian Pump Industries has released a new range of submersible pumps by Tsurumi Pumps, designed to handle corrosive liquids.

The new TM Series pumps are intended for a range of duties from aquaculture to chemical spill containment, particularly where corrosion is an issue.

The stator housing is titanium whilst the pump casing, stand and motor cap components are manufactured from FRP resin moulded material, which is compatible with hypersalinity liquids.

The pumps are available in either 50 or 60 cycle, single- or three-phase motor drive.

They range from pumps capable of 240 lpm flow right up to 350 lpm. Heads range from 9 m to 15m.

'The entire TM range can be equipped with floats for automatic operation,' says Aussie Pumps product manager Craig Bridgement.

'Duplexing systems, that's two pumps located side-by-side operating on an automatic alternating model, are also available in the TM Series. The pumps will operate automatically without extensive control panels.'

According to Aussie Pumps, the duplexing system is well fit for installations where one pump is enough, but more flow is occasionally needed.