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New Tricor Coriolis flowmeters for high pressure and hazardous area applications

Tricor Coriolis Technology has released the new TCMH-0450 high pressure Coriolis flowmeter with certification for use in hazardous areas.

This meter is particularly well suited to the oil and gas industry for high pressure chemical injection applications, as well as gas measurement applications such as engine test benches, hydrogen fuel stations, and high pressure gas measurement in numerous other industries.

The meter is available in three different pressure ratings of up to 1,050 bar, 690 bar, and 414 bar, and the hazardous area approvals for the device include CSA – US & Canada, ATEX, and IECEx.

“As Tricor Coriolis meters become a more mainstream choice for companies in processing industries, in particular within the oil and gas market, we are confident that the quality of our Coriolis flowmeters will continue to exceed customer expectations,” stated Mark Iverson, Tricor programme director and general manager of AW-Lake Co.