New treatment plant allows sought-after Southside to keep growing

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Growth, progress, prosperity. There’s no shortage of it in North Alabama, which has seen its population grow by 30,000 over the last five years and is projected to rise by a further 24,500 by 2027. Jobs are also on the up, having increased by almost 50,000 in the past five years - with a projected growth of 33,000 more jobs, also in the next five years.
In Etowah County, Alabama’s smallest yet most densely populated County, vibrant Southside (population 8,000 - about an hour north west of Birmingham), is its fastest growing city – but this prestigious position held by the place described as the ‘loveliest village on the River Coosa’, has been faced with the recent possibility of being overtaken by other fast-rising locations in the state.
With growth, naturally, comes the need for new infrastructure. Southside’s old sewage lagoon system, despite decades of excellent management, had finally reached its capacity. All that growth, progress and prosperity - but a potential halt on building more homes and attracting more business to the area - without a new wastewater treatment system.
“Everything was perfectly in order with our treatment levels,”...

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