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New Titan non-invasive PFA ultrasonic flowmeter

(via Titan)
(via Titan)

The new MetraFlow ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises incorporates a chemically resistant Perfluoralkoxy Alkane (PFA) tube onto which are mounted high sensitivity ultrasonic sensors. The company says there are no dead areas or changes in fluid direction or obstructions, just a tube. As a result, MetraFlow can make non-intrusive flow measurements.

Drawing on Titan’s proprietary ultrasonic time of flight algorithms enables MetraFlow to offer a wide operating flow range, with accuracy of ±0.5% FSD or up to ±1% of reading over the 50:1 flow range.

Two versions of the MetraFlow ultrasonic flowmeter are available, covering flow ranges of 20 to 1000ml/min and 100 to 5000 ml/min. USB interconnectivity is designed to make the flowmeter easy to set-up and use. The local display gives rate and total as well as annunciators for units and time base.

(via Titan)