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New temperature control unit from Delta T Systems surpasses conservation standards

Delta T Systems has announced its Eco Series temperature control unit (TCU), which uses a new pump design that creates 50-100% increased flow at the same pressure point on the pump curve compared to other designs.

The new pump’s reduced energy consumption means the Eco Series is compliant with the US Department of Energy’s 2020 Conservation Standards, which will enter into force from January 2020.

The TCUs are available with pumps rated from ¾ to three horsepower, producing up to 130 gallons per minute of output. This increase in pump output enables customers to choose a lower horsepower motor for any given performance level, which will lower energy consumption by 20-50%.

The Eco Series includes a number of key safety features, such as a bi-metal switch to prevent overheating, circuit protection for the motor, high temperature pump seal and dry run protection for the heater.

Design improvements and specific material sections have been made to ensure the Eco Series TCUs are less susceptible to tradition maintenance problems and are easier to maintain.