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New technology: Ultrasonic flowmeter for process and control environments

Titan Process Atrato
Titan Process Atrato

UK based Titan Enterprises has announced the launch of its Process Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter for use in demanding process and control environments.

The process Atrato has been designed to IP65 standards. Its signal processing system permits flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range, meaning both viscous and non-viscous products can be metered.

Titan’s new flowmeter is constructed from 316 stainless steel and PEEK, and incorporates proprietary ultrasonic flowmeter technology.


Key features

The Process Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter is available in four models, and is rated for use up to 65°C and 20Bar. Operating over flow ranges from 2ml/min to 15 litres/min, the new flowmeter accuracy is ±1%.

All Process Atrato flowmeters come with a pre-set ‘K’ factor calibration, meaning all meters of the same flow range are fully interchangeable. According to a statement from Titan, this simplifies assembly and set-up procedures for OEM manufacturers looking to integrate the flowmeter into their process and control set-up.




Flow Range

‘K’ factor Pulses per litre

2 to 500ml/min


0.01 to1.5 L/min


0.03 to 5 L/min


0.1 to 15 L/min


Titan Process Atrato