New technology for legacy pumps

Pumps play an essential role behind the scenes of our everyday lives, keeping water for municipalities and crop irrigation moving, enabling power generation, supporting oil and gas and manufacturing processes. Societies will never know how much they depend on these vital assets and how many pumps have influenced our lives.
Something that facilities do not consider is that even the most reliable pumps will eventually succumb to wear, erosion, corrosion or fatigue. It is important to have a plan in place for repairs and replacement parts to ensure that the pump is reinstated swiftly.
The key to an effective solution is to source replacement parts quickly, even if the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is no longer able to offer support. Creating precision designs
The quality of these parts is determined by several aspects of the process. Capturing all the necessary data for a 3D computer aided design (CAD) drawing can be achieved using laser scanners and digital coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) that can measure items quickly and very accurately.
In the past, creating the physical component would have involved making a mould and casting a blank...

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