New technology: Bonomi launches new floating ball valves

Italian manufacturer Bonomi has announced the expansion of its Valpres ball valve range with the introduction of API 608 Floating Ball Valves.

API 608 is a standard which exceeds the requirements set by ASME B16.34, meaning the ball valves can comfortably handle the rigorous requirements of the petrochemical, power, oil and gas and water treatment markets.

The new Floating Ball Valves incorporate increased thickness and an oversized driving train which, according to Bonomi, makes them well suited to demanding environments and particularly reliable in actuation applications.

Bonomi’s API 608 are built with a fire safe design which meets the API 607, ISO 10497 and API 6FA standards.

RPTFE seats and FKM seals are fitted as standard to the valves, while additional optional features include on-off/modulating and a comprehensive range of additional seat and seal material options.



Bonomi’s API 608 Floating Ball Valves are available in a range of sizes from ½” to 6” Class 150 and ½” to 4” Class 300 and 600, reduced bore is also an option in sizes of 2” or above.

Various extensions are also an option, including an extended stem, extended bonnet for high temperatures and extended bonnet for low temperatures. Soft or metal seats are also available.

The valves are side entry constructed with a two piece bolted body. They operate in a temperature range of -196°C to 420°C.                                         

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