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New Tasmanian pipeline to boost irrigation network

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Tasmania’s South Arm Recycled Water Pipeline will reuse and deliver irrigation water to the Australian province.
The Tasmanian Minister for Primary Industries and Water announced $5 million (€3.1 million) in federal funding for the pipeline provided as part of the $180 million (€112 million) National Water Grid Connections pathway.
Assistant Minister for Industry Development and Senator for Tasmania Jonno Duniam said the funding pathway was about delivering short-term economic stimulus through small-scale projects.
“This pipeline will allow water from the Blackmans Bay Water Treatment Plant to be delivered to the South Arm Peninsula for irrigation purposes,” Duniam said.
“It will improve the reliability of South Arm’s water infrastructure, support agricultural production and help to deliver water security across the region.”
Under the multi-billion-dollar fund, each state is entitled to up to $20 million (€12.5 million) to deliver projects with an Australian Government contribution of up to $5 million (€3.1 million) per project.
He added: “These new projects will deliver enhanced water quality and reliability while also promoting regional economic growth and sustainability, particularly in areas like South East Tasmania.
“Our future goal is that the South Arm community has access to Class A Water in a Tasmanian-first project which takes recycled water and converts it for community and agricultural use.”