New system increases safety and speed of pipeline isolations

TD Williamson, the global pipeline solutions provider, has introduced its latest innovation for the gas industry - the POLYSTOPP Quick Connect system.
The system allows operators to isolate a polyethylene line twice as fast as other methods while preventing the damage associated with squeezing.
Senior product manager at HT&P Ryan Ragsdale said it took less than 10 minutes to tap and isolate a pipeline with the system.
He said: “Faster isolation dramatically decreases job time and increases efficiency while preserving pipeline integrity, which maximizes value to the operator.”
The system is extremely lightweight compared to previous solutions and all components are made of aluminum, including the valve and tapping, plugging and completion machines. That makes it light enough for a one-person lift operation.
“Because we understand that the gas distribution industry is truly a lifeline for everyday citizens, the company is constantly looking to develop technology that will enable operators to enhance pipeline integrity and do it faster, easier and more safely,” Ragsdale added.

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