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New survey will assess health and safety in the oil and gas industry

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Recruiter for the oil and gas sector Petroplan has teamed up with Bahco, an international tools supplier, to explore health and safety in the industry.

In particular, the campaign wants to look at the current state of safety, how things have improved and what progress still needs to be made.

The two companies are specifically interested in the opinions of workers ‘in the field’, and for that reason have commissioned a survey aimed at discovering how health and safety in the oil and gas industry has improved through the years, “and how much work there is to be done to make it even safer.”

In a press release, the two companies point to progress that has already been made. The over-seven-day injury rate is currently at its lowest level since the mid-1990s, while the number of dangerous occurrences (defined as unplanned incidents with the potential to cause injury) has fallen by almost 30%.

As an incentive, those completing the survey will be entered into a competition to win one of two Bahco S87+7 socket sets.

If you’d like to share your thoughts, the survey is available here