New Super Nova pump range from Borger

Offering unparalleled volumetric efficiency for a rotary lobe pump, Borger has launched the new, BLUELine Nova range.
Designed with a special, one-piece DIUS rotor, the BLUEline Nova (available in six sizes, with flow rates up to 110 m³/h) provides almost pulsation-free pumping at pressures up to 12 bar.
This new high-tech Nova range can also be supplied without casing liners for CIP (Cleaning in Place) and SIP (Sterilisation in Place) applications – or with liners for the pumping of abrasive media containing solids.
The wide sealing surfaces of the screw-profile rotor prevent any backflow of the medium – and the large seal chamber of the Nova rotary lobe pump provides space for various sealing systems.
Compact, due to the elimination of the coupling, this new Borger pump range can also be supplied without a base frame.

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