New submersible pump from Xylem offers customisation and durability

Global water technology company Xylem has released the Flygt N3069, a new stainless steel submersible pump for complex industrial applications.

The newest addition to the company’s Flygt range will enable the company to leverage advanced techniques to respond to the diverse pumping needs of industrial customers with customised solutions.

Xylem added that the use of 3D printing technology will reduce the lead time for customised pump order by up to 75%.

The stainless steel pump is manufactured for industrial processes containing high chloride or extreme pH levels, and is highly corrosion resistant.

The pump’s Adaptive N-technology has been tested in over 500,000 installations around the world and offers superior hydraulic design for heavy-duty pumping operations.

“The new N3069 stainless steel integrates the best of our technology to provide our customers in the industrial sector with unparalleled reliability, guaranteeing optimised, trouble-free pumping operations,” said Veronica Jergeline, vice-president of water infrastructure wastewater pumping at Xylem. “We are constantly improving our production processes to respond to customers’ needs for highly customised pumping solutions in a fraction of the time.”

The company has integrated 3D printing technology into the foundry line at its facility in Emmaboda, Sweden, to print one-off sand molds for the N3069 pumps.

This will enable Xylem to supply small volumes of customised pumping solutions in short lead times.

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