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New stepper motor enhances IMI Precision Engineering control valve

IMI Precision Engineering, a fluid and motion control technologies provider, has created the next generation of its IMI Buschjost control valve range by equipping drive system 9668 with an integral stepper motor and newly-developed control card.

Previously driven by a DC motor, the new model benefits from reduced manufacturing tolerances due to the factory calibration of each stepper motor, meaning regulation performance is enhanced.

Additionally, valve function under challenging conditions is improved, as the electronic control unit detects increased load torques and gradually raises the motor current to the maximum possible overload torque, should operating pressures exceed 10 bar, for example.

The combination of the control valve with the stepper motor has also resulted in increased speed, and the full travel range of the motor can be achieved in five seconds.

Additionally, closer control of the unit is now possible through the position feedback single at 4-20 or 0-20mA.

IMI Precision Engineering rebranded from Norgren in 2015.