New solution to maximise propane recoveries

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BCCK is offering G2R-Flex™ - a patent-pending technology designed to optimise propane recoveries.
BCCK’s exclusive G2R-Flex is a natural gas liquids (NGL) extraction process delivering maximum profitability through higher plant performance and greater recoveries.
As a complete turnkey solution, G2R-Flex can recover up to 99% of propane while sustaining a high rejection rate of ethane. Utilising an add-on package design, G2R-Flex, is connected to existing gas subcooled process (GSP) plants to reduce ethane recovery and increase propane recovery.
Jamey Wasson, director of process engineering, BCCK, said: “G2R-Flex enables higher recoveries at existing cryogenic processing plants. Typical GSP recoveries in ethane rejection are 20 percent ethane and 95 percent propane. Our new technology can improve that range with a ‘bolt-on’ package.”
With no additional residue compression required, G2R-Flex offers a 50% reduction in facility propane refrigeration requirements. Using equipment already available, G2R-Flex consists of a set of small pumps, vessel and heat exchangers, and requires no additional compression or power.
Wasson added: “G2R-Flex was designed as a simple and efficient recovery method to provide cost-effective results to exceed our customer’s expectations. With increased propane prices, BCCK’s GSP process has made it possible to improve recoveries without having to install a new facility.”

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