New software enables fine tuning for ultrasonic flowmeters

UK flow measurement company Titan Enterprises has released new software functionality for its ultrasonic flowmeters to allow customers to take measurements at the optimal point of signal.

Ultrasonic flowmeters are able to measure fluids that transmit ultrasonic waves within a range (+/- 30%) around the speed of sound in water at 20°C. However, if a fluid has differing acoustic characteristics or if measurement needs to take place at high temperatures, the acoustic operations window can be missed by sensors.

The new software functionality, which is available on the company’s Atrato and Metraflow ultrasonic flowmeters, is able to fine tune the measurement window to the optimum signal.

These two flowmeters are able to operate over wide flow ranges (0.002 to 20 litres/min). They offer turndown of >200:1, repeatability (+/- 0.5%), linearity and accuracy of at least +/- 1% of reading, according to Titan Enterprises.

They can be used in low flow applications, including research and development, industrial processes, and metering of chemically challenging liquids.

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