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New smart platform from Colfax for intelligent pump monitoring

Colfax Fluid Handling has introduced a new intelligent platform for condition and operation monitoring of pumps.

The IN-1000 smart platform was developed specifically for Allweiler pumps that are used in operationally-critical and environmentally-sensitive applications. IN-1000 improves safety while reducing operating costs. The core of the system is a software programme developed by Allweiler.

It can be used in straightforward condition monitoring to complex monitoring activities. This includes operational monitoring of several pumps for simultaneous fulfilment of safety and operating-cost requirements. Examples include monitoring of pressure, temperature, leaks, and vibrations. The system may also be expanded with standard industrial sensors.

Operations are monitored continuously and with full automation. Logging of activities permits subsequent evaluation. If unusual operating conditions appear, they are announced immediately and shown on a graphics-capable colour display. Ethernet connections provide for communications with the master control panel. Maintenance personnel, for example, can use the apps and the integrated web browser for remote access from any smartphone or Internet-connected computer. With this development, megatrend Industry 4.0 has arrived in the world of pumps, with Colfax/Allweiler implementing the Internet of Things for its products. Depending on configuration, the smart platform will automatically respond to pump-related events, such as by switching to another pump. Because of these capabilities, maintenance and repairs can be planned in advance, there are no unplanned production downtimes and maintenance intervals can be extended.

'The platform helps to reduce overall costs and is more economical than similar systems. When it comes to sensitive operating conditions, like those encountered with thermal oil pumps, the increased safety is at the forefront,' says Gunter Connert, sales manager for Germany at Colfax Fluid Handling/Allweiler. The system can be used with all Allweiler pumps. Retrofitting is also possible.