New smart ball valve hits the market

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Water filtration company Rusco has unveiled its new Rusco Smart Ball Valve.
The smart valve is app-driven and pairs easily with Apple and Android devices. Its connectivity allows for programme automation, simplifying two primary functions – sediment flushing and flow shut-off.
The product can be used in home filtration, well water, commercial and municipal applications and will be offered in both Wi-Fi and Zigbee models, ensuring maximum access to the technology.
“It’s a very exciting time for our near 40-year-old company,” said Michael Klump, president of Rusco. “When I joined the team last year, right in the heart of the pandemic, one of my first priorities was to energise our staff, as well as our strong distributor and customer base. Updating our product line to improve quality of life felt like the perfect solution. We look forward to delivering Rusco’s promise with the smart ball valve, as well as additional developments in the pipeline for next year.”
Although the smart ball valve can serve as a standalone shut-off valve, it can also be combined with a Rusco Spin-Down Filter, Sediment Trapper or similar product from a competing brand for optimum use.
Klump added: “Oftentimes faced with limited capacity, it’s reassuring to know that our smart ball valve can be activated anywhere with the simple click of a button. We love the motto ‘set it and forget it,’ which is even easier to say now that everything runs through an app.
“Alerts are sent in real-time if something interrupts normal operation, and new units are equipped with standard power fail safe shutoff – both providing peace of mind for our customers. The Rusco name has grown synonymous with value over the years, and we are confident the smart valve upholds that reputation.”

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