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New slab gate valve hits the market

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Celeros Flow Technology company M&J Valve has introduced an improved version of its Model M-303 slab gate valve.
Manufactured and tested for API 6D, the improved M-303 is ideally suited for high pressure differential applications in the oil & gas sector.
The advanced design M-303 offers a host of features to simplify installation and upgrades, improve safety and minimize environmental impacts – reducing the total cost of ownership.
Its floating slab gate uses the natural force of line pressure to obtain a reliable, dynamically tight downstream seal.
Low pressure sealing is accomplished with a single wave spring that energizes the seat, pushing it firmly against the gate. This reduction in seal requirements, coupled with high packing reliability, dramatically reduces the likelihood of fugitive emissions.
Upgrading to a new M-303 is easy because the latest models have the same footprint as previous versions.
Components are also forwards and backwards compatible. Operator mounting and conversions are simplified thanks to a two-piece stem and common yoke design.
The two-piece stem allows different materials to be used in wetted areas to improve service life, while standard material is used for stem threads for a cost-competitive solution.
Designed to minimise maintenance and optimize uptime, the new M-303 has a single seat spring ring, which is quicker to replace than multiple seat springs. No packing tightness intervention is required throughout the packing’s lifecycle and there is no need for a cupola, allowing quicker access to the bonnet O-ring.
The M-303 is available in line sizes 2" - 84", class 150-2500 and with a choice of manual, electric, hydraulic or cylinder actuators. In addition to meeting API 6D / ISO15848-1 specifications, the valve is certified fire-safe to API6FA / ISO10497. The M-303 is fully interchangeable with most other slab gate valves on the market.