New series of lead-free brass ball valves from Bonomi

Valve specialist Bonomi offers lead-free brass ball valves for easy installation and commercial use.

New Bonomi 1715LF Series sweat-end commercial lead-free brass ball valves can be installed without requiring special handling or high-temperature solders because they are made without bismuth or silicone. These two elements, often used as a substitute for lead, have caused their own problems for valve installers and specifiers.

Valves made using silicone as a substitute for lead have a higher resistance to heat. This means they require special high-temperature solder and retraining for contractors. Bismuth brass has been associated with valve bodies that crack during use.

Bonomi has never used high levels of lead in its brass valves, so no new elements were added to make them lead-free. The lead has simply been removed and the levels of the remaining elements increased.

This allows sweat-end connections on Bonomi valves to be made with traditional soldering methods and materials while still meeting all requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), California AB1953 and other individual state regulations.

The Bonomi 1715LF features a forged lead-free brass body that is stronger and lighter than sand-cast valve bodies. Full-port sizes from 1/2" to 2" accommodate a wide range of flow requirements. Maximum working pressure is 600 WOG or 150 WSP. Maximum operating temperature is 366°F. The lead-free brass ball is TEA-coated.

Bonomi commercial brass ball valves provide bubble-tight shutoff and are 100% factory tested in the open and closed position at 80 psi. A blowout proof stem, PTFE seats and double O-ring stem seals for leak-free service are standard.

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