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New sealing material protects during harsh temperatures

OPW Engineered Systems, a division of OPW Fluid Transfer Group, has improved two of its bottom-loading couplers with the addition of a new sealing material.

Its 1004D3 and 1004D4 models of OPW's API Bottom-Loading Couplers are now available with 'lo-temp' material that has been designed to retain its sealing capabilities at extreme temperatures (up to -55°C). The seal material is also compatible with all petrol, diesel and ethanol formulations and blends.

These lo-temp seals with sub-zero leak protection help eliminate concerns associated with cold-weather leaks. OPW says a temperature drop commonly affects the sealing ability of many bottom-loading couplers and the only solution available to operators is to wait for the temperatures to rise.

The two models provide a fast connection during transfers and work to reduce liquid loss at disconnect; they can be fitted with all 4" bottom-loading adaptors.