New pump from Gardner Denver designed for electric, gas and diesel fleets

Gardner Denver Petroleum & Industrial Pumps has launched a new pump designed for dual-fuel gas engines, electric motors, diesel engines and gas turbine direct drives: the Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex pump.

“The Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex pump has successfully made it through validation testing,” explained Edward Bayhi, vice-president and general manager of the Petroleum & Industrial Pump division. “Crucially, operators can now substantially decrease their consumable cost and fatigue cycles due to the pump’s long stroke advantage.

“This means slower operating speeds can be maintained, resulting in longer consumable life and reduced fatigue cycles. The same flow rate can be achieved with smaller plungers, reducing operating load on the pump, leading to extended pump life and less downtime.”

The new pumps are made from stainless steel and feature innovative geometry designed to minimise stress. An 11-inch stroke length meets or exceeds the pressure and flow output of high rod load/short stroke (8-inch) pumps, and can increase consumable life by 37%.

Bayhi added: “The Thunder 5,000 HP Quintuplex pump is offered in combination with Redline Packing. This is the critical seal system in the heart of the pump, which substantially improves performance in harsh conditions, extends maintenance intervals, reduces downtime and ultimately increases profit margins for our clients. Furthermore, with our 24/7 aftermarket service and support, customers can be assured that their electric, gas and diesel-driven fleets will be in safe hands.”

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