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New pig stop and bypass solution from Celeros Flow Technology

Oil and gas extraction and transportation increasingly involves the use of unmanned platforms as the industry looks to move to more automated operations.
However, routine maintenance of pipelines continues to be time-consuming and expensive through conventional manual pig launching.
The patented Pig Stop and Bypass (PSB) mechanism from Celeros Flow Technology allows automated pigging on oil and gas pipelines to be managed remotely and reliably, either from land or a main platform.
Enabling complete automation of pig launch processes, the PSB mechanism can reduce platform footprint and realise cost savings through reduced manpower.
Developed by GD Engineering, the PSB mechanism is a critical component of unmanned or normally unmanned platform pigging solutions.
It is designed to be integrated with an automated multiple pig launcher vessel and allows multiple pigs to be preloaded and sequentially launched without the need to depressurize the vessel between pigging runs.
The PSB mechanism is proven to be as a reliable and safe system for ensuring that individual pigs are positively launched into a pipeline.
It allows interchangeability of any type of conventional pig with the same dimensions as the original pig design, as well as allowing future change-out of conventional pigs with intelligent pigs.
This gives specifiers and platform operators the advantage of flexibility and a system that is future-proofed.